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Rahm Emanuel, Jim Messina headlining Obama fund-raiser

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s former chief of staff and Jim Messina, the Obama 2012 campaign manager, headline a low-dollar fund-raiser aimed at a younger crowd, July 13 at the East Bank Club in Chicago.

The event, billed as a “summer rooftop reception” on the East Bank Club roof deck–where there are two swimming pools–is part of the Obama 2012 fund-raising “Generation 44” operation, aimed at, as the name suggests, younger Obama supporters. The ticket price is very cheap–one of the cheapest events I’ve seen–$44 for one ticket and $144 for the unspecified what you get for it VIP ticket.

Obama 2012 fund-raiser Lora Whitticker–the finance director for Gen44–is handling the reception.

MY PREDICTION: Watch for Emanuel–a prolific fund-raiser–to figure out a way to tap into his national base to help raise money for the Obama re-elect drive–even headlining more events.

WAITING FOR: The release of Obama 2012/Democratic National Committee second quarter fund-raising numbers. The self-imposed goal: a combo (Obama 2012+DNC) of at least $60 million.