Ramble with Storm: The problem with being a hunter

Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family’s mixed Lab.

Eleven Canada geese came low over the fence row on the east side of the town pond. I suspect they found a harvested cornfield on the other side.

The problem with being a hunter is that you end up with a skewed world view in the wild.

Actually there are many more pressing issues with hunting and hunters, but I realize from time to time that I have a skewed world view because of hunting.

This morning, when seeing the geese, my first thought was to question, “Are they within range?”

For me, it would have been a borderline shot at 35-40 yards. I hunt with others for whom it would have been not only an easy shot, but probably a double for a quick limit.

The geese flew on toward either another old clay pit or another harvested field.

A northern flicker flew over as the meathead and I pushed on. I have not seen many this summer and fall. Nice to see one again with its dippy flight.

Cool enough this morning, despite cloud cover, that small wisps of fog lifted off the north end of the town pond.

No squirrels. No doves. Oddly quiet morning, other than the geese.

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