Cubs, Sox fans react to “Spirit Day”

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Today, MLB is celebrating “Spirit Day,” a nation-wide movement led by GLAAD to stand up to bullying of the LGBT youth communities and every team is posting on their social media accounts about today, including logos and purple-themed images. It didn’t exactly go over so well with Atlanta Braves fans as Deadspin discovered.

So how did it go over for the Cubs and Sox?

About how you’d expect. While the Cubs didn’t see any backlash to their Twitter post, Facebook was a different story. (Note: Co-owner Laura Ricketts is the first openly gay owner for Major League Baseball.)

As for the Sox, who even posted a great video of support, there was a bit of blow back on Twitter, mainly from followers who don’t like sports and politics mixed.

As for the White Sox Facebook post, it went over a little bit better than the Cubs’ post did.

To be fair, a majority of fans in their respective social media communities showed support for the promotion. In the end, though, the negative reactions only prove the unfortunate necessity for such promotions.

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