Ramble with Storm: The meathead returneth

Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, our family’s mixed Lab.

So after the Bears game, I made a run for some odds and ends, including dog food for Storm.

There was an incredible sale on a name brand I don’t normally get. So I bought the hulking 16.51-pound bag.

When I gave him a bowl of it Sunday night, he nosed around it, like a little kid pushing peas around his plate with his fork.

But then later in the evening, somebody left the door to the mud steps slightly ajar and the meathead nosed it open and began attacking the bag and wolfing down the new food like a teenager spooning through all the leftovers in the frig.

That’s why he has regained his meathead status.

Every bit as cold as I expected this morning. It was 32 already when I went to bed last night. Frost was universal. Good thing I picked the tomatoes and peppers over on Sunday. Then brought in the Rosemary plant yesterday.

Fall comes.

A beautiful morning, but bland in terms of wildlife. The setting nearly full moon was cool. I was surprised how much the moon lost in shape overnight. I took the photo of it above last night when I was dropping some of the kid’s band off and it was nearly full. Not this morning.

The hint of the sunrise was a visual cliche or at least just banal

Four dozen Canada geese, give or take a half dozen, swam very quietly tight to the south shore of the north old clay pit. Another 16 swam in the southeast corner and a dozen up the east shore.

That’s a lot of geese, more than 75, on one little old pit.

Only nine hedge apples down on the east side of the south pit. Yesterday there were 52. I am thinking somebody collected a few dozen to bring magic into their home. I carried one home for my wife.

A rabbit we could hear but not see flushed through the heavy brush off the old rail, now a trail, above the south pit.

Back near home, the meathead flushed a lone gray squirrel up the neighbor’s gnarled old elm. That was it was wildlife this morning, other than the geese on the town pond.

Time to hunker down.

In case you are wondering, there is a guide service called Honker Down. I looked it up.

With a name like that, they would be my kind of people.

Our thermometer behind the garage read 25 degrees.

Fall is here.

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