Sue's Morning Stretch: What's on TV talk shows and airwaves

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Here’s what I noticed this morning:

  • Feature on Julianne Moore, who’s on next cover of Health magazine, on “GMA.” She looks fab and fit at 52. How? Ashtanga yoga 2-3 times a week; works out with trainer doing light weights and “lot of jumping around.” Eats well, dines at 5(!), watches what she eats, but isn’t above doing a veggie juice fast before a stroll down the red carpet. She always looks so happy and her smile seems to come from deep within. That inner serenity has to be another reason she looks so good.
  • To be “involved,” we got to watch them touch up the hair of the “Today” crew as they were breaking for commercial. And to show how into social media they are, again we got to see them fooling around with their phones yet again. This strikes me as silly, but maybe that’s what the rest of you want.
  • Heard this on The Drive (97.1). Apparently Ed Sullivan didn’t like the Rolling Stones shampoo. Told them to change it if they wanted to come back (wonder if maybe what he didn’t like was that their hair was dirty?). Something must have changed because they were invited back five more times. Contrast that to today’s stars who make all sorts of demands before they’ll show up somewhere. Ed Sullivan had right attitude; you’re lucky for this exposure & I’m in charge here.
  • Tori Spelling, mother of four, says she and husband Dean McDermott “can’t afford a vasectomy,” according to “Today.” She’s not saying she’s poor, just that money’s tight. Maybe a reality show on how to live within your budget is in her future?
  • And after listening to The J Show on B96, here’s some advice: don’t lie to your future wife about the value of her engagement ring. It won’t end well. You know, this wouldn’t happen if women weren’t so obsessed with the material things surrounding a wedding now and guys felt they had to buy something they couldn’t afford. Learn from Tori Spelling; you may wish you saved some money for the future.

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