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Cutler: Bears cleaned up offense, but have Thursday challenge

Hours after looking at film of Sunday’s loss to the Saints, Jay Cutler said the team put itself in a hole early, and couldn’t climb back.

“We had three sacks in the first 12 plays; we cleaned it up and were good to go after that,” the Bears quarterback said Monday at Halas Hall. “It didn’t linger long in anyone’s minds and we continued down the path we set before the game.”

The Bears offense is still developing, he said.

“I think everyone has a ways to go — we’re five games into this,” Cutler said. “There’s a lot of football left. Everybody around the league is working to get better — including us. “

The Bears won’t have long to do it with the Giants coming to Soldier Field on Thursday. Cutler said the biggest challenge is “physically getting ready to play” on short rest.

“Most older guys, including myself, by Thursday you’re just starting to feel a little bit better,” he said. “Friday, you’re starting to get back to full speed. I think physically just being able to go out there full-speed on Thursday is a challenge.”