1 Twitter CEO’s big day

Twitter hits the public markets today, in a long-planned IPO. But CEO Dick Costolo isn’t big on planning — he’s a trained Chicago improviser who knows how to roll with the punches, take risks and keep an audience laughing uncomfortably. Today’s no joke: If the IPO goes well, his Twitter stake could be worth $190 million. [Sun-Times]

2 Ventra follies

Ventra registration is a mess and the company’s call center got snowed under with more than 10,400 calls yesterday. The CTA told Ventra to double its customer service staff. [RedEye]

3 ADM shops itself to Minnesota

With Illinois politicians balking at coughing up big tax breaks to keep Archer Daniels Midland’s headquarters in the state, the company is flirting with Minneapolis-St. Paul. Expect the Minnesotans to make a competitive, if passive-aggressive, offer. [Crain’s]

4 Commuter tax?

TIF districts have created a lot of jobs in Chicago — but 75 percent of them are held by people who commute from the suburbs. That’s according to a study by an activist group that also recommends imposing a tax on commuters. [Sun-Times]

5 Rahm won’t touch Burke story 

The mayor wouldn’t comment on the Sun-Times report showing that Ald. Ed Burke’s property tax appeals cost City Hall millions. He did say that the city pursues “every case to make sure the taxpayers’ interests are protected.” But the facts don’t bear that out either. [Sun-Times]

6 What’s a pig worth? Nobody knows

Chicago livestock traders, farmers, meat packers and rural radio hosts are totally confused about prices for cattle and hogs. Futures prices are usually set by the cash prices reported by the USDA. But that’s been shut down. [WSJ]

7 Get ready to hate St. Louis more

NHL realignment screwed up the Blackhawks’ two biggest rivalries, with Detroit and Vancouver. The team most likely to fill that role now: the St. Louis Blues. The two teams have vastly different styles and could well be regular playoff foes. Tonight they square off for the first time this season. [Sun-Times]

8 Good advice

What to do when the office vegan hijacks all the GrubHub orders? And how does a young creative dress cool but not too cool? Grid’s Amos Ornstein has all the answers. [Grid]

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