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Mellody Hobson & George Lucas welcome new baby daughter

LITTLE BABY, BIG NAME: Congrats to Chicago’s own financial guru Mellody Hobson and new husband and legendary filmmaker George Lucas on the arrival of their baby daughter. Everest Hobson Lucas was born Aug. 9, via surrogate.

Asked about the significance of her baby daughter’s first name, Hobson emailed Monday, “Everest is the name of a friend’s son, who is South African. I loved it the first time I heard it many years ago.”

This is the first biological child for Hobson and Lucas, who were married June 22 at the “Star Wars” creator’s Skywalker Ranch in Northern California — followed by a major celebration of their wedding at Chicago’s Promontory Point on June 29.

Lucas has three older children, Amanda, 32, Katie, 25, and Jett, 20, adopted during his first marriage.

Along with serving as president of the Chicago-based Ariel investment firm, Hobson also serves as a regular financial news contributor to CBS News.