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Tell us something we don't know: Bears fans more loyal than Packers fans

Sun-Times file photo

A new study from Emory University shows that Bears fans are the seventh most loyal in the NFL, leaps and bounds ahead of Packers fans, who sit at a measly 14th.

This wasn’t just some poll asking how much fans love their team. The study analyzed on-team success, market size, stadium capacity to predict box office revenue. Teams that exceed the prediction are perceived to be more loyal, while those that under perform are less loyal.

The Cowboys lead the rankings overall, with the Patriots, Jets, Saints and Giants rounding out the top five. Bad news for the Raiders, though: their fans rank dead last.

Bears fans will already know this, but for the cheesehead-inclined, the two will square off on November 4 in Green Bay and again on December 29 in Chicago.

[Via NBC Chicago]