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City of Chicago searching for 100th Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree after being lit during the 99th annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Daley Plaza Nov. 20, 2012. | Sun-Times file

O Tannenbaum!The City of Chicago is looking for its 100th municipal Christmas tree, the showstopping centerpiece of the annual Daley Plaza holiday display.

All Chicagoland trees are eligible as long as they meet the following criteria, according to an email from the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events:

  • Must be a Spruce or Fir tree
  • Must be 55 feet or taller
  • Tree must be accessible, for safe removal
  • Must be within 100 miles of Chicago’s Loop
  • Must include at least 2 photos

The contest winner will take part in the tree lighting ceremony on Daley Plaza.

If you think your tree has what it takes to shine brightly this holiday season, email at or call (312) 744-3316 by September 13.

Below is a video telling the story of the 2012 tree, donated by the Theiszmann family of Prospect Heights.