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Kain Colter opines on issue of signing autographs for money

Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter has publicly expressed his distaste for the fact that the NCAA and its member institutions profit off student-athletes who receive no compensation.

And considering he has been willing to discuss the issue, Colter was asked about the topic after Monday’s practice.

Specifically Colter spoke about the ethics of a collegiate athlete accepting money in exchange for signing autographs. The NCAA is reportedly conducting a probe as to whether Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel did exactly that.

“I’ve never gotten approached to sign anything for money and I think everybody knows what the rules are,” Colter said. “Whether you agree with them or not, I guess that’s a totally different conversation. The rules are the rules and I’m pretty sure every player knows that you can’t sign autographs for money.

“It’s all using your name and kind of what you’ve built and I guess right now you can’t profit off anything you’ve built but other people can. But the rules are the rules so it’s hard to argue with them.”