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Oscar Mayer brings in Grandpa Frank to take jabs at deli counters

Oscar Mayer has called on Grandpa Frank to promote new flavors in the company’s Deli Fresh packaged meats.

Grandpa Frank’s role isn’t to hawk the Deli Fresh lines new bold flavors but to complain about supermarket deli counters. Grandpa crabs about the wait at the deli counter in a commercial that debuted this week. In two other commercials in the campaign, he complains about the plastic bags used at the deli counter and what it takes — or doesn’t take — to get a job behind the counter.

The division of Kraft Foods Group this year added flavored meats such as Mesquite Smoke Turkey Breast, Italian Style Herb Turkey Breast and Chipotle Seasoned Chicken Breast.

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h/t Advertising Age