City Scenes

It was another super cold day. Thomas Watkins-Hoskins waits for the walk light to change on Clybourn Avenue at Willow Street Wednesday afternoon. He said, “It’s Chicago. I’m pretty much used to it. I make sure to keep hat, scarf and gloves just in case it gets this cold.” | Michael Schmidt/Sun-Times

Riggs Barr walks down Clybourn Avenue  from North Avenue after running some errands Wednesday afternoon. He said when talking about the weather, “It’s a price for living in Chicago. It’s not as bad as they said.” | Michael Schmidt/Sun-Times


Dressed well for the weather a bicyclist heads up Clybourn Avenue from Willow street Wednesday afternoon. | Michael Schmidt/Sun-Times

Liz Vonesh (left) and her good friend Sarah Shlemon walk in 3 degree cold weather down North Avenue toward Clybourn Avenue after their goodbye brunch Wednesday afternoon. Shlemon said, “I’m stuck in the cold.” while her friend Vonesh is moving to Sydney, Australia very soon for some job opportunities. | Michael Schmidt/Sun-Times

Chang Yu (left) a student at the University of Chicago and Johnny Ngai visiting her from Beijing, China walk across North Avenue at Clybourn Avenue Wednesday afternoon. When asked about the weather Yu reluctantly said, “It’s OK.” and Ngai said, “I like it. I like the snow.” | Michael Schmidt/Sun-Times

The Latest
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