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Mayor apologizes for role in student's bank heist video

Mayor Ron Rainson of downstate Morton is shown being taken hostage in a scene from a short movie about a bank robbery staged in the village hall for a short film being made by the son of a village trustee. Spoiler alert: the mayor is in on the job. | Screenshot from YouTube video

MORTON — A central Illinois mayor is apologizing for taking part in a student video depicting a bank robbery and shootout that was recorded inside the village hall.

Morton Mayor Ron Rainson told village board members Monday that his participation was inappropriate and the village would review its rules on the use of public buildings.

The (Peoria) Journal Star reports that the film, called “The Withdrawal,” was made by a student for a YouTube contest. The 15-year-old is the son of village trustee Rod Blunier.

The use of the village hall and the mayor’s appearance in the film as a hostage who turns out to be in on the robbery upset some residents and trustees.

Blunier also offered an apology and said the mayor was just trying to help his son.

You can see the whole video here.