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Warmer weather to return Tuesday

Fans brave the unseasonably cold, rainy weather in Chicago as they head to Soldier Field for the first of two BTS sold-out concerts, on May 11, 2019. | Mark Brayboy/For the Sun-Times

After a colder than normal start to the month of May, shorts and T-shirt weather is on the way.

“It looks like we’re finally breaking out of this persistently chilly pattern that we’ve had,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Ricky Castro said Sunday.

Highs that normally range in the upper 60s this time of year will return Tuesday after a modest warm up Monday that will feature highs in the high 50s, Castro said.

But, depending on wind direction, cool air generated by cold Lake Michigan water temps could ensure that areas near the lakefront remain chilly.

So far, May temperatures have been an average of 4.4 degrees cooler than normal, Castro said.

Only two days this month have cracked the 70 degree mark, compared to nine days up to this point in May 2018 — and five of those days were in the 80s, Castro said.

A recent glut of rainy weather, combined with the cold, has “made for a combination that a lot of people would consider pretty miserable,” Castro said, noting effects that ranged from flooding to canceled youth league sports.

“But there currently doesn’t appear to be any multiple-day heavy precipitation events in the forecast,” he said.