Durbin launches petition drive to push Obama into White House race.

SHARE Durbin launches petition drive to push Obama into White House race.

Sen. Dick Durbin is one of Sen. Barack Obama’s biggest presidential boosters.

Now he’s launching an on-line petition drive to persuade Obama to jump in the 2008 White House race.

Obama is weighing a bid–and Durbin hopes the petition drive tips the scales toward his fellow Illinois Democrat.

This from Durbin………..

As you may already know, I’m a huge Barack Obama fan. I’ve known

Barack since he was first elected to the Illinois State Senate

in 1996, and I’m impressed by what he has accomplished in his

relatively short political career. I’m also proud to call him my


Not only does Senator Obama do a wonderful job representing the

people of Illinois, in just a few short years he has proven

himself to be an incredibly inspirational national leader. From

his memorable and unifying speech at the Democratic National

Convention to his new book The Audacity of Hope, Barack has

shown that he has the best interests of all Americans at heart.

That is why I want to see Barack run for President in 2008. I

believe that he is the right man to lead our country at a time

of such turmoil around the globe, and will bring Americans

together at a time in our nation’s history when we need unity

more than ever.

Barack has said publicly that he is considering a run, and part

of his consideration will doubtlessly include measuring the

level of his support from Democrats across the country. So let’s

show him how strong that support is.

Click here to sign my online petition to Senator Barack Obama —

urge him to enter the 2008 Presidential race today!


In all my years in politics, I have only met one other person

who connects with people as well as Barack does: former

President Bill Clinton. That says a lot about Barack’s superior

skills as a politician and a leader. I have complete confidence

that Barack will be able to unite Americans across our country

in support of a new agenda of hope.

As his memorable speech at the 2004 convention proved, Barack

understands that our country isn’t as simply divided between red

and blue as political commentators seem to believe. There isn’t

a monolithic “red state voter” who is different in every way

from her blue state counterpart, but rather there are Americans

in every corner of our country who have their own hopes, dreams,

and communities — and many more of these overlap than conflict.

With a unifying leader like Barack Obama in the White House, I

know that we can overcome the deep divisions that cause such

unnecessary friction to arise between red and blue, both in

Washington and in our nation as a whole. That is why I hope you

will join me in urging Barack to run for President.

Click here to send a message to Senator Barack Obama — urge him

to enter the 2008 Presidential race today!


I certainly hope Barack Obama becomes the Democratic nominee.

But regardless of who Democrats ultimately nominate to be our

candidate for President in 2008, we definitely need Barack

Obama’s voice in the process.

Barack Obama has proven himself to be a strong leader for

Illinois, and I know that he would show that same leadership as

President. Over the coming weeks, I know that he will be

thinking seriously about throwing his hat into the ring, and I

know that your show of support will make a difference.

Speak out with the thousands of other Americans who are urging

Senator Obama to run for President — please sign my online

petition today!



Dick Durbin

U.S. Senator

P.S. When signing my petition, you can tell me whether or not I

should share your contact information with Barack if he decides

to run for President. I respect your privacy and will only pass

your email address along if you’d like me to. Just let us know.

Thank you!

Contact Barack Obama: http://ga3.org/campaign/obama/8wuebw3r25mi88b?source=obama


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