Hey GOP, have fun and give the keys back in ’16

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The big Republican win Tuesday night didn’t bother me much.


I’m not sure why.

Cynicism triumphant, perhaps.

Or just a nod to grim reality. A frozen government stays frozen. Given what the Democratic president and his Senate majority could do — not much — the Republicans probably won’t be able to inflict too much harm before they, in turn, hand the car keys back to the Democrats in 2016.

Of course, I’m not one of the 10 million Americans who enjoyed health insurance for the first time last year under Obamacare. It’ll be hard to have it yanked away.

Frankly, I don’t believe the Republicans are really going to do that — kill a successful health care program out of their hatred of the man who created it. But maybe they will, dismantling a system that works pretty well for millions, no thanks to them.

Not quite the path to the future, is it?

Then again, none of what they’re doing is the path to the future; that’s why I’m not broken up about the current crop of right-wing politicians who, playing political musical chairs, found their ample butts squeezed into office when voters lifted the needle off the record and the music stopped.

All is cyclical, pendular. We should know by now. The more the Republicans try to drag us back toward their cherished, imaginary past, the farther we’ll lurch into the future on the backswing, if we wait a little.


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