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Dillard campaign uses Pandora to target voters

State Sen. Kirk Dillard’s campaign is using the popular music site Pandora to target voters.

“We’re branching off of the beaten path,” said Wes Bleed, Dillard spokesman. “It’s targeting people who listen to certain kinds of music.”

Dillard campaign Digital Director Jeremy Rose told the Sun-Times that the campaign took part in a “significant media buy,” with Pandora. Rose said by using display advertising, video and audio, the campaign can do a better job of targeting likely voters in the Republican primary.

“One of our opponents is using a shotgun approach in large media buys,” Rose said. “We’re really focusing our digital efforts in being extremely efficient.”

That includes working off voter lists from 750,000 to 900,000 registered Republican primary voters in Illinois, getting the email addresses off 60 percent of those and then targeting advertising toward them, he said.