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RNC sets sights on unhappy Obama supporters in new ad campaign

The Republican National Committee has launched a 14-state ad buy in an attempt to showcase some new and diverse voices to traditional Republican policies of job creation, entitlement reform, smaller government and less regulation. The RNC is targeting 14 potential states: President Barack Obama’s Illinois is not on the list.

The “Why I’m a Republican” comes with the tagline “Create Your American Dream” and features the the same demographics that were critical to President Barack Obama twice being elected. The ads feature African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic and young voters. The spots were focus group tested with swing voters in Ohio and New Mexico . The states: Arkansas, Alaska, Louisiana, North Carolina, Colorado, Michigan, West Virginia, South Dakota, Iowa, Montana, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oregon, and Virginia –and in Washington, DC and New York.

“The best way to connect with voters is for them to hear from their friends and neighbors about the issues that are important to them, including job creation, school choice and opportunity,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus told CNN.

The ads will begin airing Tuesday on cable channels that mostly target women, such as Bravo, Food, TLC and HGTV.