Sneed: Blago lawyers deny report of former gov’s nervous breakdown

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Gossip site Radar Online claims to have obtained this photo, among the “first photos of the ‘paranoid’ former politico’s current state” behind bars.

The Blago beat . . .

Hmmm. Has jailed former Gov. Rod Blagojevich suffered a nervous breakdown behind bars?

Hmmmm. Has Blago “gone loopy” during his three years locked away at a Colorado federal prison, according to what is billed as an exclusive report in the National Enquirer?


“That’s ridiculous, absolutely not!” countered Sheldon Sorosky, Blago’s attorney and one of his oldest friends. He is a big part of Blagojevich’s legal defense team, which is anxiously awaiting the results of a federal appeal.

“The only thing new is that he now spends a lot of time reading the Bible,” he added.

Blagojevich, 58, who was sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2011, stemming from a conspiracy to sell President Barack Obama’s former U.S. Senate seat — was recently transferred to a lower-security section of the facility outside Denver, where he has been since 2012.

“I categorically deny Rod has suffered a nervous breakdown or anything like it — but, frankly, any stress would be natural for someone awaiting an appeal and serving a massive prison sentence away from your family,” added Sorosky.

The tabloid claims it snagged the report from a jailhouse snitch plus pics of Blago sporting a “dazzling snow white” mane of hair, which . . .  um . . . lags behind Sneed’s September 2013 tip that Blago’s hair had turned white. (The former gov was always fussy about his thick thatch of brown hair, which he dyed until he got to prison.)

Gossip site Radar Online claims to have obtained this photo, among the “first photos of the ‘paranoid’ former politico’s current state” behind bars.

The Enquirer story colors Blago as a solitary, paranoid person who bizarrely babbles away about Obama — whom he blames for being in prison.

It also claims that Blago plans to run for president as soon as he can — and is sure he will be released within the year.

“That’s ridiculous,” Sorosky said. “Rod is in good health, runs nine miles several times a week and is absolutely not a solitary kind of person. If he is so solitary why would he talk to this guy” the jailhouse snitch?

“He sees his family regularly and I would know if something was out of the ordinary for him.”

“The only thing different and changed these days is he spends a lot of time in the prison library now — reading the Bible . . . in addition to his love of history books. The Bible is new.

“And, I might add, Rod feels no animosity toward President Obama, who began his political career at about the same time — except maybe why did their careers take a different trajectory. Look, Rod is in prison and Obama is in the White House.

“I can see, however, see Rod talking about running for office again. Someone who doesn’t understand Rod might feel it was irrational to look forward to running for office again — but Rod loved campaigning — almost like an addiction.

“As farfetched from realism as that may seem, running for office was his dream.”

Sorosky chuckled about the Enquirer’s report that Blago was being watched over by a “gang from Texas.”

“A lot of the men in his facility are from Texas, just like a lot of prisoners at the Oxford penitentiary in Wisconsin are from Chicago. It also shows he isn’t being very solitary,” said Sorosky.

Sneed reported months ago Blago had become friends with former Enron exec Jeff Skilling, who is from Texas and was later transferred to a new facility.

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Sneedlings . . .

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