This Chicago baseball quiz takes a swing at the Crosstown Showdown

Think you know all there is to know about the Cubs-Sox rivalry? Take this test.

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Mark Buehrle

Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle (56) talks with White Sox manager Jerry Manuel (7) prior to being relieved in the sixth inning against the Chicago Cubs on Saturday, June 15, 2002, at Chicago’s Wrigley Field. The Cubs won 7-3. (


Welcome back to another edition of the Sun-Times Chicago Baseball Quiz. I am your quizmaster, Bill Chuck. For a moment or two, it felt as though the Crosstown Classic games this season might be a preview of the World Series. Now it appears one team still might be heading to the Series — and the other team is the Cubs.

Are you ready for the Chicago Nine?

Let’s play Chicago baseball.

1. Let’s start with something simple: Who leads this interleague rivalry? 

a. Cubs

b. White Sox

2. Which team has had the longest winning streak in the Crosstown Classic?

a. Cubs

b. White Sox

3. On June 9, 2000, the teams played 14 innings, the longest game in the rivalry. Who won the game?

a. Cubs

b. White Sox

4. In the rivalry games, which Cubs player has hit the most home runs against the White Sox?

a. Kyle Schwarber

b. Aramis Ramirez

c. Sammy Sosa

d. Alfonso Soriano

5. In the rivalry games, which White Sox player has hit the most home runs against the Cubs?

a. Paul Konerko

b. Jermaine Dye

c. Jose Abreu

d. Carlos Lee

6. Who are the only two players to have three-homer games in the rivalry?

a. Willson Contreras and Paul Konerko

b. Jose Abreu and Dioner Navarro

c. Carlos Lee and Todd Hundley

d. Chris Coghlan and Jose Valentin

7. Which Sox pitcher has the most wins against the Cubs in rivalry games?

a. Jake Peavy

b. John Danks

c. Mark Buehrle

d. Freddy Garcia

8. Which Cubs pitcher has the most wins against the Sox in Crosstown Classic games?

a. Jon Lieber

b. Jon Lester

c. Jake Arrieta

d. Carlos Zambrano

9. Only one of these pitchers has five losses (the most) in rivalry games. Who is that guy?

a. Mark Buehrle 

b. Jose Contreras 

c. Ryan Dempster 

d. Kyle Hendricks

I leave you with this ‘‘Final Jeopardy’’ answer: Oct. 26.

The question is: ‘‘When does the World Series start?’’


1. The Sox lead 65-63.

2. The Cubs won six in a row in 2007-08. The Sox won five consecutive games in 2009-10.

3. The Sox won 6-5.

4. Aramis Ramirez hit 13 homers.

5. Paul Konerko hit 20 homers.

6. Dioner Navarro (May 29, 2013) and Jose Abreu (Aug. 22, 2020) hit three homers.

7. Mark Buehrle has five wins against the Cubs.

8. Carlos Zambrano has six wins against the Sox.

9. Ryan Dempster lost five times to the Sox.

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