Forget about Russian collusion and the tenuous relations in North Korea. America wants to know about KG’s hoodie.

That’s right, the question that has befuddled the country for the past few months is how does Kevin Garnett’s sideways hoodie stay on his head.

The mystery started a while back when people noticed the former NBA star wearing his signature black hoodie off to the side on his “Area 21” basketball show. Even more conspicuous was the way it hung off the back of his shaved head without ever falling.

But Sunday, when Garnett along with other former Celtics showed up to honor Paul Pierce for his jersey retirement in Boston, KG’s magical hoodie had the internet sizzling.

Social media detectives have offered up theories as to how the hoodie hangs.

Well, Garnett couldn’t keep America in suspense any longer. He finally divulged the deep secret to his illusory garment, and “it ain’t no tape.”

No, Garnett explained that the hood actually grabs on to the stubble of his head after he shaves. KG also said he likes to drape the hood over his ear because he usually wears an earpiece.

There you have it. Watch: