2020 U.S. House Candidate Questionnaires - Illinois

Coverage of the 2020 Illinois primary election races for the U.S. House, including candidate questionnaires.

“The best thing the federal government can do to help the economy” is keep moving ahead with its reopening, he says.
She wants more resources for essential workers and small business owners to weather the coronavirus.
“We can reform the police, just as we can reform any professional discipline, simply by defending religious freedom,” he says.
His top priorities include the opioid crisis, Illinois infrastructure and protections for Dreamers.
She wants to expand loan and funding programs for new businesses and “further reduce or eliminate taxes” to stimulate the economy.
He wants a second round of $1,200 direct checks to individuals, expanded assistance for small businesses, and extended unemployment benefits to keep the economy going.
Her top priorities include health care, climate change and an overhaul of the immigration system.
He supports ending qualified immunity, no-knock raids by police and “the war on drugs.”
He wants to ensure that the Trump administration’s initiative to develop a vaccine called “Operation Warp Speed” meets established standards of safety and transparency.
He wants continued unemployment aid and more assistance for small businesses and nonprofits during the pandemic.
His top priorities amid the coronavirus include winding down stimulus plans, dropping “excessive” occupational licensing requirements and reducing government spending.
He wants the federal government to help keep small businesses afloat during the pandemic and make “a massive investment” in infrastructure.
He says there is an immediate need for a universal basic income for every adult citizen in the country.
His top priorities include state and local corruption, removal of pension systems at local levels and school vouchers.
He voted for the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act to take “an important first step towards ending police brutality and racial profiling.”