1985 Bears

Justin Fields’ final pass ricocheted to Mooney’s chest, but he couldn’t secure it.
Jerry Vainisi was as important as anyone in building the 1985 Super Bowl champs, the former coach says
A look at several key issues as the Bears head into their final six games.
Fans from Chicago flocked to New Orleans and devoured Cajun culture, then watched their team devour the Patriots.
Super Bowl 55 is coming, and that’s a long way from Super Bowl 20. Has it really been 35 years? Because it feels more like 100.
McKinnon, who was named one of the top 100 Bears of all time last year, doesn’t think Robinson is “a game-changer.” But he says the Bears need to meet his asking price or trade him.
What stands out the most about this franchise is that it asks a lot of you fans. It asks you to keep the faith. Keeping the faith isn’t easy.
It’s either Nick Foles or Mitch Trubisky, but Nagy isn’t ready to choose. Fortunately for everyone, at least he won’t wait all the way until kickoff of the Lions game.
COVID-19 and a short-term lease are blamed for “the extremely difficult decision.”
Marni Yang was convicted in 2011 and sentenced to two life terms and has been in the Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln, Illinois, ever since.
After making 4 of 4 field goals vs. the Vikings — including a 22-yard game-winner — Pineiro finished the season with 11 in a row. “I feel pretty good that that void was filled,” coach Matt Nagy said.
“The Super Bowl Shuffle” remains the 1985 Bears’ most dominant work.
Walter Payton, Steve McMichael and other players would line up before games to ask for a blessing from ‘Father Nick.’
Cody Parkey’s replacement will have so much attention on him that it will be a miracle if he can uncurl himself from the fetal position on game day. Hard to recall any position getting this much scrutiny from coaches and players during practices.
He has a Super Bowl ring and a great behind-the-scenes story to tell about his old ‘crew.’
Hey, Mike Trout’s pretty good, too. Also: CarGo’s Cubs arrival, a festival of Bears, more White Sox-Royals and the Wolves’ Calder Cup quest.
The legendary Bears coach had been in the hospital in Florida since Wednesday when he was rushed to get medical care because he was not feeling well.
The Rev. Michael Pfleger wants three minutes added locally to the 17-minute school walkout on March 14 in honor of students killed in Florida.
SNEED: A gaggle of legendary defensive football greats is heading to McCarthy’s fundraiser Sunday for his potential mayoral bid.
ROEPER: Players and famous fans share hilarious anecdotes about that magnificent team, at first struggling and later unstoppable.
Da Coach says of new coach Matt Nagy: “I’m happy for him and I’m happy for them. It’s such a privilege to be a coach.”