Sue’s Morning Stretch: Big impact from small moves in barre workout DVD

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I took a barre class and thought I didn’t like that type of exercise.

Well, after trying out Suzanne Bowen’s “BarreAmped,” I am a convert.

“Barre Amped” features four different workouts of varying lengths that use moves reminiscent of dance, yoga and Pilates. And no matter what you are doing – whether it’s working with light weights, on the mat, or honing in on your thighs – the moves are very small and specific. Sometimes you will think: did I really move anything? After a few more repetitions though, you will be feeling it. (Bowen often says things like, “You should be on fire,” or asks if you’re feeling the burn. For me the answer often was yes.)

She does a very thorough job of making sure you are positioned correctly. During one of the thigh exercises, for example, she has participants look at their legs to make sure they are where they should be. She even tells which toes should be shouldering your weight in different exercises.

Bowen continually reminds of the importance of resistance. And, she has you paying attention as much to your movements back down as you do to moving up. She also works with her audience to make sure they are breathing correctly.

She has two others working out with her: one shows beginners how to do a modified version of the workouts; the other demonstrates how the moves look at higher intensity.

The small moves in “BarrAmped” deliver a solid workout.

And here’s something else you might want to check out: Bowen also offers (with a promotional code) one free month of barre workouts on her website.



Time: 91 minutes (four workouts, tutorial, warmup, cooldown)

Price: $19.99

Words to live by: “Your hands should be shaking here – and that’s a good sign.”

– Sue Ontiveros

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