DePaul team camp schedule

With Illinois no longer allowed to hold their annual team camp at Moody Bible, DePaul has stepped in and filled the void. New coach Oliver Purnell and his staff has assembled a blockbuster group of teams.

The event runs Monday and Tuesday at Attack Athletics.


White: Crete-Monee, Von Steuben, Orr, Hales, Brooks and Brehm Prep

Blue: Marshall, North Chicago, Gary Lew Wallace, North Lawndale, Morgan Park, Waukegan

Red: Benet, Westinghouse, Gary Thea Bowman, Farragut, Perspectives, Simeon

Black: Curie, De La Salle, St. Patrick, Young, Carver, Hyde Park

Silver: Glenbrook North, Proviso East, Morton, Evanston, South Shore, Providence-St. Mel.

Monday, June 21

8 am – Brehm Prep v. Brooks, GBN v. Morton, Hyde Park v. Prov-St. Mel, and Evanston v. South Shore

9 am – Simeon v. Farragut, Benet v. Perspectives Charter, Proviso East v. Young, and Curie v. DeLaSalle10 am – Orr v. Hales, Gary Lew Wallace v. North Lawndale, Crete v. Von, and North Chicago v. Marshall

11 am – Curie v. Hyde Park, Morgan Park v. Waukegan, Simeon v. Gary Thea Bowman and Perspectives v. Westinghouse

12 pm – Marshall v. Gary Thea Bowman, Evanston v. Glenbrook North, Morton v. Von Steuben, South Shore v. Westinghouse

1 pm – Proviso East v. Hales, DeLaSalle v. Young, North Lawndale v. North Chicago, and Morton v. South Shore

2 pm – Marshall v. Waukegan, Benet v. Simeon, Crete Monee v. Brehm Prep and Westinghouse v. Farragut

3 pm – Gary Thea Bowman v. Perspectives Charter, Gary Lew Wallace v. Morgan Park, Orr v. Brooks and Prov-St. Mel v. North Lawndale

4 pm – Carver v. Hyde Park, Crete v. Hales, St. Patrick v. DeLaSalle, and Benet v. Farragut

5 pm – Waukegan v. Gary Lew Wallace, North Chicago v. Morgan Park, St. Patrick v. Young, Von Steuben v. Brooks

6 pm – St. Patrick v. Carver, Brehm Prep v. Orr, Proviso East v. Evanston, and Glenbrook North v. Prov-St. Mel

Tuesday, June 22:

8:00 am – Glenbrook North v. Proviso East, Von Steuben v. Providence-St. Mel, South Shore v. Hyde Park, and Benet v. Westinghouse.

9:00 am – North Lawndale v. Waukegan, Curie v. Young, Hales v. Brehm Prep, and Gary Thea Bowman v. Farragut

10:00 am – Orr v. Von Steuben, DeLaSalle v. Carver, Gary Lew Wallace v. North Chicago, and Brooks v. Crete Monee

11:00 am – Hyde Park v. St. Patrick, Morgan Park v. Perspective Charter, Simeon v. Marshall, and North Chicago v. Waukegan

12:00 pm – Curie v. St. Patrick, Gary Thea Bowman v. Benet, Young v. Carver, and Crete Monee v. Orr

1:00 pm – Farragut v. Perspective Charter, North Lawndale v. Morgan Park, DeLaSalle v. Evanston, and Marshall v. Gary Lew Wallace

2:00 pm – Hales v. Brooks, Morton v. Brehm, Curie v. Carver, and Westinghouse v. Simeon.

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