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Glenview woman wins $1 million in lottery raffle

A north suburban woman has already made her New Year’s resolution come true—she won $1 million in the Illinois Lottery.

Jenny Zajac was at dinner with her family on New Year’s Eve when each of them took a turn announcing their resolutions, according to a statement from the Illinois Lottery.

“I resolved to win $1 million in the Illinois Lottery New Year’s Millionaire Raffle,” Zajac, 23, said in the statement.

The next day, the graphic designer checked the winning raffle numbers on the lottery’s website and discovered her ticket—number 290574—was a $1 million winner.

“I started screaming and then I couldn’t stop shaking!” Zajac said. She plans to use the money to buy a house, invest, and pay off her student loans.

Zajac bought her winning ticket at the Marathon at 7145 W. Dempster St. in Niles. The gas station received a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.