Sneed exclusive: Obama cuts radio ad for Rahm’s re-election

SHARE Sneed exclusive: Obama cuts radio ad for Rahm’s re-election
SHARE Sneed exclusive: Obama cuts radio ad for Rahm’s re-election

Sneed exclusive . . .

Rahm’s Rambo has arrived!

President Obama is on it!

Sneed has learned President Barack Obama has cut a radio ad for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s re-election campaign that is set to hit the airwavesMonday.

The ad comes on the heels of a recent Emanuel campaign poll that shows him with a lead among African-American voters.

The one-minute ad begins: “This is Barack Obama. . . . Chicago is my home. It’s the place that made me who I am. That’s why I care so deeply about who leads our city.”

It cautions of our mayor: “Let’s be honest, at times the guy can be a little hard-headed.”

The POTUS pitch also includes the reason for Rahm’s volatility.

“He loves our city, and he believes every child in every neighborhood should have a fair shot at success,” Obama states. That’s “why he fights as hard as he does.”

It ends: “If you want a mayor who does what is right, not just what’s popular, who fights night and day for the city we love, then I hope you’ll join me.

“Vote for Rahm Emanuel onTuesday, February 24!”

The ad is a clear pitch to woo African-American voters angered by the mayor’s school closings. Four candidates are angling for his job, two of whom are African-Americans.

A recent campaign poll conducted by research firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner for the Emanuel campaign showed 51 percent of African-Americans surveyed support the mayor’s re-election.

“We’re thrilled that the president has endorsed Rahm because he believes that Rahm is the only candidate with the record, strength and plan to continue moving our city forward,” said Steve Mayberry, a campaign spokesman.

Obama also tells voters: “Chicago had the shortest school day of any American city, until Rahm insisted that our kids get the same educational opportunity as other kids. He delivered full-day kindergarten to every child. That’s not all: He raised the minimum wage, and he helped create thousands of Chicago jobs by bringing new businesses to town.”

First lady Michelle Obama’s endorsement didn’t help Gov. Pat Quinn in November, so will her husband’s endorsement help Rahm?

Stay tuned.

(P. S. The mayor’s campaign wouldn’t comment on what stations the ad would air on, or how radio figures into their strategy.)

The waffle man . . .

Sneed is told Gov. Bruce Rauner loves waffles.

The new gov loves them so much, he had a creme-de-la-creme waffle maker installed in the kitchen at the dilapidated governor’s mansion in Springfield — where he has ordered an upgrade of kitchen equipment.

Sources tell Sneed the state’s new first couple (Diana likes making her own salad dressing) were stunned at how much work needed to be done at the aging Georgian mansion — which requires a new roof and an elevator that actually works.

• The shocker: Sneed can only imagine what they thought when they saw the mini-kitchen, located between the governor’s private quarters and the public area — which is the only place a private cup of coffee can be made not requiring staff to climb up from the main kitchen.

• Sneedless to say, even I was surprised, during a stay one night at the mansion years ago, to find then-first lady Lura Lynn Ryan warming up donuts in the little kitchen’s tiny microwave.

The Pitt stop . . .

Royal rantings: Charles Spencer, the brother ofthe late Princess Diana, who is also an earl and uncle of Princes William and Harry— is telling newsies actor/producer Brad Pitt’s company is interested in filming the story based on his new book, titled: “Killers of the King: The Men Who Dared to Execute Charles I.”

Isn’t that precious.

Sneedlings . . .

I spy . . . Crooner Sam Smith lunched with his band Friday in Chicago Cut’s private dining room ahead of his concert at UIC Friday night . . . Jazz star Ramsey Lewis was finishing dinner at RL when television host Steve Harvey approached him to say thank you. During an emotional encounter, Harvey said listening to Ramsey’s music helped him through some hard times . . . Saturday’s birthdays: Neil Diamond,74; Nik Wallenda,36, andDave Druker,ageless. . . Sunday’s birthdays: Alicia Keys, 34; Chris Chelios, 53, and Dean Jones, 84 . . . and happy belated birthday to renowned Chicago architect Richard Tomlinson, ageless and priceless.

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