Finding a lost kid just got easier

SHARE Finding a lost kid just got easier
SHARE Finding a lost kid just got easier

Nothing’s more nerve-wracking than getting separated from your child at a crowded event. Little kids sure can move fast, can’t they?

Well, here’s a neat little wristband that could relieve the anxiety such an experience brings and orchestrate a quick parent and child reunion.

The ELPH — Easy Lookup to Phone Home — Band is a non-toxic and durable silicone wristband. It comes in pink or navy, and is pretty cute, too, so I don’t think you’d get much resistance from kids about wearing it. (They’ll be available in purple as well as black in November, so a child could have a variety of the bands, which come in three different sizes.)

Here’s how it works: Each wristband has a unique serial QR code and matching ID code. If a child gets lost, the person who finds the child can scan the code for information on how to contact the parents. (There’s also a general 1-800 telephone number that a person could call, plug in the code number and be automatically redirected to the child’s family.) It also provides special medical information as needed. While the band allows someone to reach a child’s contacts, it does not have that data — such as the child’s name or home telephone number — printed out anywhere for public access.

The bands are $19.99 each and available here. Once purchased, the parent can register via a smartphone using any bar code app to scan the band. Registration also can be done via the website. The registration lasts a year and can be renewed for another year with a $10 fee; there’s an option to get a new band at that time as well.

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