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Cycling event raises funds for Rape Victim Advocates

PHOTO: There’s a seat waiting for you at Cardio Party On A Bike. | COURTESY SOULCYCLE

Spend an afternoon pedaling like mad and help out a worthy cause in the process.

Cardio Party On A Bike will be held from 2 until 4 p.m. Nov. 22 at SoulCycle Old Town, 1225 N. Wells. The cycling event is a fund-raiser for Rape Victim Advocates and was put together by entertainment journalist Liz Crokin, author of “Malice.”

If you want to be in the front row — and who among us Type As doesn’t, right — the cost is $100. It’s $75 for the second row and $50 for general admission. The number of bikes is limited, so don’t dally if you are planning to sign up.

Founded in 1974 by Dr. Natalie A. Stephens, an obstetrician/gynecologist, and a group of Northwestern University medical and nursing students, Rape Victim Advocates provides services to survivors of sexual violence as well as their loved one. The organization has worked for changes on many fronts to how sexual violence and those who face it are treated. Learn more about RVA here.

For tickets to Cardio Party On A Bike, go here.