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Bears fan shares photos with Honey Bears nearly 25 years apart

After the Honey Bears, the Chicago Bears’ cheerleaders, were disbanded in the mid-1980s, there were plenty of people who remained vocal about wanting the organization to bring them back for decades.

After seeing that Sun-Times Sports was sharing stories about the Honey Bears from 30 years ago, a Facebook user that goes by the name BigHit Buda shared photos of himself with the Honey Bears that were nearly 25 years apart.

From the man in the photos:

The first picture was at a Honey Bears meet and greet. The 2nd one was from a video shoot on WGN for our song “We Da Bears remix” that we performed on TV a couple of times. It was on radio stations as well.

Also hope we get a petition strong enough to bring the HB’s back next year. I know plenty of women that would do that for free.



Despite not being around for nearly 30 years now, there are still Bears fans today that want to see the Honey Bears make a comeback with the team.