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White Sox impressed by Cespedes presentation

The Chicago White Sox club is looking to bounce back from a disappointing 2015 season. Many thought the Sox would have enough behind slugger Jose Abreu and ace Chris Sale to make noise in the AL Central. As a team lacking depth at premier positions, the South Siders barely made a noticeable splash last season.

The Sox are hoping that a strong offseason can bring the team back to relevancy. CBS baseball analyst Jon Heyman reports that the Chicago team has its eye on a power-hitter in the GM meetings that can bring some pop to an anemic Sox offense.

The White Sox were one of many, many teams to view what was said to be a very impressive presentation by [Yoenis] Cespedes’ baseball agent Brodie Van Wagenen. There was said to be a musical component to it, but no, Jay-Z, the other agent, didn’t do any rapping

Who knows how important watching a presentation will go in signing what will be an expensive Cespedes, but having interest in a player of his caliber at least suggest that the team is aware of its dire need of talent.

It still seems unlikely the team will sign a player with Cespedes’ price tag, because there are so many holes on the squad. Look for the Sox to make a number of small trades to help supplement its depth.