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Jimmy Butler says Brian Roberts was 'disrespectful' for shooting at end of blowout


At the end of a blowout loss to the Hornets earlier this month, the thing that had Jimmy Butler the most irked wasn’t that his team had given up 130 points, but that Hornets guard Brian Roberts continued to throw up shots with the game well out of reach.

Butler called the act disrespectful:

With less than 24 seconds remaining on the fourth-quarter clock and Charlotte up by nearly 30 points, the Hornets fired three shots on two separate possessions.

Roberts took a 16-footer at the buzzer. He also attempted a 3-pointer with 41 seconds remaining.

Just moments earlier, Derrick Rose and Joakim were seen laughing on the bench.

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After the game, Butler called the Bulls soft, but it’s his beef with Roberts that seems a little soft too.

Butler and the Bulls will get their shot at payback Friday when they host the Hornets.

All stats via ESPN.