1985 Bears Coverage: Ditka sticks with his classless form

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Every day of the 2015 Chicago Bears season, Chicago Sun-Times Sports will revisit its coverage 30 years ago during the 1985 Bears’ run to a Super Bowl title.

Ditka sticks with his classless form

Originally published Nov. 3, 1985

With all the hoopla about the “big, bad” Chicago Bears, I think somebody should put this in its proper perspective.

The Chicago Bears, with their classless head coach, are a joke of an organization. The tasteless act of putting the clown Perry in as a running back shows me the true nature of this team.

Mike Ditka was a buffoon as a player and he continues to act that way as a head coach. If any so-called Bear fan thinks that he is responsible for whatever success they have attained, they are mistaken. In the end, these clowns will suffer the same fate they have been accustomed to in recent years.

I’m no kid; I’ve been watching these jokers for a long time and I wish them nothing but the worst. The only player I have any respect for is Walter Payton – he surely deserves a better fate than to waste his career with a no-class team .

I’m certain this letter will wind up where all criticism of the local hot-shots finds it’s way. But I had to get his off my chest.

Marvin Rottner


Match play in golf is extremely rare

According to Len Ziehm, a TV announcer named Jim McKay says “match play golf is the game that 99 percent of us play all the time”.

The statement would be a wild exaggeration if it applied to private clubs. On daily fee courses, from coast to coast, match play is so unfamiliar that I can recall a municipal course administrator and a regular player who didn’t even know what “dormie” means, and believed that to win two up was to finish two strokes fewer than your opponent.

Frank Littler


Let’s hope Halas is watching Bears

Just think how wonderful it would be if Papa Bear Halas could see the Bears go to the Super Bowl. I am sure he is smiling down and saying “Well done, fellas.”

S. Hall

Schererville, Ind.

Harrelson as GM like Wrigley’s joke

Ken Harrelson as general manager is the silliest thing Chicago baseball fans have had foisted on them since Phil Wrigley’s college of coaches.

Dan Kosifas

Chicago Ridge

Tomczak deserves chance with Bears

Thanks, coach Mike Ditka, for giving Mike Tomczak a chance to get his feet wet. It was only for a minute, but he’s Calumet City’s favorite son. We hope the Bears will continue to groom this young man – he has the potential.

Bernadine Wojcicki

Calumet City

Royal flush tops any stack of Cards

The World Series of 1985 proved the cards were stacked against St. Louis. A Royal flush always has beaten the best and that must include the realm of baseball for this season and Series.

James Bala


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