Letters: Circuit Court clerk shouldn’t be elected position

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The Democratic Party leadership has withdrawn its endorsement of ethically and efficiency challenged Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown.  Instead, it has endorsed a politician from the old Stroger machine.

This raises the question of why we should elect the court clerk. The job requires professional skills to handle a very large office with a need for major technological improvements. These are not partisan matters, nor do they require political skills. Of course, the real reason for making this an elective office is that it controls around 1,800 patronage jobs. A professional manager, rather than a politician, would be better able to deal with the inefficiency of the office.

James K. Genden, Evanston

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Too few cops

The mayor and police superintendent both flaunt their intent to add 300 more police officers to the Chicago Police Department. They both act as if this will be a significant increase in police personnel, which it is not. The 300 will actually replace officers who retired or otherwise terminated their employment within the last year. The department is still understaffed.

John Culloton, Norwood Park

More discrimination

The city’s efforts to increase minority police officers is another word for discrimination against potential white officers. They’re going to go out of their way to increase minorities, so possibly a more qualified white or at least someone who really wants to be a police officer may be denied.

Mike Mannard, Schaumburg

Collective bargaining

Republican presidential candidates have decided that the moderators in past debates have abused them. They recently gathered behind closed doors to set up a list of demands that will, to name a few examples, keep them cooler, show them more respect, and end what they perceive as “gotcha” questions.

I’m glad they have joined together to help determine the conditions of their debates. I think these Republicans have finally come to understand how valuable it can be for those doing the work to get together to help determine the conditions of their work. Can they say “union”?

Karen Wagner, Rolling Meadows

No difficult questions, please

The GOP presidential candidates constantly lie in the debates and then criticize the moderators for asking questions. All they want to do is stand in front of the cameras and deliver their stump speeches full of right-wing proposals. No facts, no difficult questions and definitely no challenges to their lies. Of course, it would be perfectly fine with Republican candidates if they could respond to leading questions from Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity.

Tom Minnerick, Elgin

Store proliferation

Will somebody please explain the current proliferation of mattress stores? Some are located across the street or a block away from each other.

The same holds true for TV and radio mattress commercials.

Ken Greenberg, Skokie

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