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John Fox: Bears RB Matt Forte is ‘truly day-to-day’

Bears coach John Fox was pressed for details on running back Matt Forte’s injury situation, but he did not provide any.

“You know me and chances and timelines,” a laughing Fox said Thursday at Halas Hall. “I can’t determine that. It is truly day-to-day.”

A more optimistic day-to-day than others?

“You will know on Friday,” Fox said.

With the Bears playing on Monday night, Fox meant to say Saturday. That’s when the final injury report comes out. Forte (right knee) didn’t practice on Thursday and isn’t expected to play against the Chargers.

Fox said he expects Forte to help rookie running back Jeremy Langford and others in their preparations for San Diego.

“Matt’s a leader on this football team,” Fox said. “He was voted captain offensively, and he’s been that kind of guy I think even before I got here. He’s definitely been that guy since we’ve been here, and I think he’ll continue to do that.”

Chargers coach Mike McCoy said his team held Langford in high regard coming out of Michigan State. San Diego, though, didn’t wait long to select a new running back. The Chargers drafted Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon with the 15th overall pick, while the Bears took Langford in the fourth round.

“[Langford] was a very productive college player and you see that transferring over,” McCoy said. “The more experience he gets, the more time he gets, he’ll learn the scheme and all those things. But [he’s] a very talented that could do a lot of good things, gets open in the open field and make some big plays for them.”

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