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Cubs' Dave Martinez to interview for Dodgers' manager job

Cubs bench coach Davey Martinez

Cubs bench coach Davey Martinez is expected to interview with the Dodgers next week for their managerial vacancy, putting him in position to be the only member of Joe Maddon’s staff not back next year.

Martinez spent seven years on Maddon’s staff in Tampa Bay when Dodgers team president Andrew Friedman was the Rays’ GM. Reports from Los Angeles have called Martinez one of the favorites to replace Don Mattingly.

Otherwise, the field staff looks intact, Hoyer said.

“Obviously, we’re having some negotiations with people and having some discussions,” he said. “But I expect the staff to look the same.”

“He’s definitely ready to manage,” Maddon said during the Cubs’ playoff run last month. “He understands the numbers; he understands people and tough conversations. He’s really good at tough conversations. He really understands pitching.

“He’s absolutely ready. Some team’s going to get lucky.”