Letters: It’s odd Park District won’t fund Humboldt Park beach

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The Chicago Park District and the City of Chicago converted the Park Lagoon into a beach about 30 years ago. This was well received by the community which lacked swimming facilities.

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It is an expense to maintain, as was the previous lagoon, and now the Park District claims that it is unable to fund the beach. It is strange that the Park District is unable to fund this community beach yet provides funding for other events such as Riot Fest, which is enjoyed by non-residents of Humboldt Park.

The beach does not provide a business opportunity for politically connected parties as does Riot Fest or NFL Town.

John Culloton, Norwood Park

Average people lose again

The Trans-Pacific Trade Treaty is being negotiated behind closed doors by international corporations with no input from American workers. Legislation in Congress to approve this treaty has $700 million set aside to retrain Americans who lose their jobs because of the treaty.

Where is this $700 million coming from? Medicare, of course. Supporters of the TPP are admitting that jobs will be lost if this treaty is passed. Who will suffer when this treaty is passed? As usual, those least able to pay will get the bill. The wealthy will flourish while the rest of us will be like dust under their tasseled loafers.

Karen Wagner, Rolling Meadows

Go ahead, leave

I have a message for all the folks, virtually all living high off the hog as successful small business owners or highly paid jobholders, who bemoan how horrible Illinois is on them financially. Please do what you so often threaten to do; leave Illinois as fast as you can.

You can go to one of eight states that have no income tax at all (two of which just on dividends and interest), or the three that have a lower income tax. The other 38 have a higher state income tax than Illinois, so your options are limited.

We don’t need you carrying around a huge loaf of bread under each arm; then crying about the few crumbs scraped off by the state to serve the commons and uplift the needy. You have a hole in your soul regarding your fellow Illinoisans that will never be filled, even if you could keep every buck that comes your affluent way.

Once you’re gone, those of us who have been blessed with either material comfort or largess can create a business environment that will uplift the Illinoisans at the bottom while growing Illinois business. We will implement a minimum wage that is not at the current near starvation level. That increase will all be spent on neglected necessities, fueling business success. It will not hoarded like the extra money you folks receive with low tax rates and loopholes galore. Then we will adopt a truly fair progressive income tax that is the only sensible remedy to fund the commons, infrastructure, mental health, early childhood development, crime prevention and superior education.

We won’t miss you because your ranks will be filled quickly by entrepreneurs and innovators, who have a heart and a soul, as well as the Midas Touch.

Oh yes, as the saying goes: Don’t let the door . . . on the way out.

Walt Zlotow, Glen Ellyn

Boy Scouts provide a service

In addition to Dr. Melinda Ring’s Viewpoint article on Friday in the Chicago Sun Times, I offer the following:

The Boy Scouts of America has used outdoor programs to instill a love of nature, self-confidence, leadership and citizenship among other great qualities for over 100 years. The scouting program can utilize local parks and trails as well as arrange trips as an individual unit to campgrounds in Cook County as well as Scout owned camps in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. National camps are also available to older scouts for that High Adventure experience.

Scouts are taught to be self-reliant. They can sleep in a tent they put up under the stars. Be prepared for a rainstorm or snow and wind. They can cook their food over an open fire and know what are the healthy choices for their meals. The possibilities are endless! The scouting program offers advancement programs and merit badges that focus on hobbies and career opportunities. Subjects like canoeing, swimming, small boat sailing on a small lake in Michigan, camping, cooking, computers, plumbing, automotive repair and welding to name a few of the over 125 possibilities.

Scouts are taught to respect nature, the environment and each other while having fun. Scouting is available to the youth of Chicago.

Adult leaders have available training on the scouting program and outdoor skills needed to lead a troop. Scouting has available books, videos and on line materials to help do the job. The program and outdoor space are already in place. Contact the local scout office for more information.

Victor Rocus, Oak Lawn

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