Violet Miller

With more than 700 pieces from 26 different institutions in 11 countries, ‘First Kings of Europe’ details humanity’s journey from equality to hierarchy.
The town hall-style forum with an audience of more than 700 was light on attacks between the two men vying for the mayor’s office.
As commuters return to the city for work, the CTA is adding more trains to a large portion of its Blue Line route as it braces for an influx of commuters and O’Hare-bound travelers trying to avoid the Kennedy Expressway.
From radio personalities to former employees, funeral services for Joe ‘Mr. Beef’ Zucchero reflected a legacy of food, friendship and family.
When polls closed at 7 p.m. Tuesday, turnout stood at 32.1% with 507,852 ballots cast out of 1,581,564 registered voters. Early votes were driven by those 65 and older, but middle-aged voters closed with the highest turnout. People ages 18 to 34 only accounted for 17% of votes.
St. Nicholas Cathedral School has welcomed dozens of Ukranian refugees to its student body this year.
Seven candidates in the 21st Ward are pushing alternatives to conventional policing, while in the nearby 18th Ward, only one candidate is challenging incumbent Ald. Derrick Curtis.
On Saturday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot called Msall “one of Chicago’s great civic leaders” and credited him with helping to improve the city’s finances with his advocacy.
About 120 children showed up to try out for the famed Chicago tumbling team Saturday morning, with dozens making the cut.