Want to meet Anthony Rizzo? Eat more Chipotle

SHARE Want to meet Anthony Rizzo? Eat more Chipotle
SHARE Want to meet Anthony Rizzo? Eat more Chipotle

Chicago has no shortage of spots to “hang out.”

The city is a social, cultural and entertainment destination with parks, museums, sports, beaches and any number of fine dining options.

For Anthony Rizzo, though, the best city hangout is … Chipotle.

That’s right, Chipotle Mexican Grill, the fast-food chain once owned by McDonald’s that specializes in Tex-Mex, is the favorite Chicago hangout of the Cubs’ All-Star first baseman.

Rizzo revealed this bit of news during his Facebook Q&A with fans Wednesday.

“Anthony, the city of Chicago loves you!” said Facebook user Han Jin. “What’s your favorite spot in the city to hang out at?”

Rizzo gave a one-word response: “Chipotle.”

It’s hard to tell how serious Rizzo was with the answer, given that he agreed to go on a date with another user and accepted another’s marriage proposal. Still, the Chipotle response is a regrettable one for anyone who calls Chicago home.

He could have at least said Portillo’s if he wanted something in the fast-food arena. Or how about Frontera Grill if he wanted to stick with the Mexican food theme. And, hey! It’s even on Clark Street.

You can check out Rizzo’s other responses to fan queries by clicking here.

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