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Who's on third for Cubs? Not necessarily Bryant

Kris Bryant playing right field at Wrigley.

PHILADELPHIA — Javy Baez’s recent prominence in the Cubs’ infield has turned rookie third baseman Kris Bryant into a de facto outfielder as the Cubs head down the stretch in search of their first playoff appearance in seven years.

“You could still see him at third base some, too,” Maddon said. “But you’re probably going to see him out there a lot, I can’t deny that.”

Bryant was in the outfield for three of his last four starts (two in right, one in left), and was penciled into left field again Thursday before the game was rained out.

“But he’s not done playing the infield by any means,” Maddon said.

Bryant, the leading candidate for rookie of the year in the National League, said he’s ready to play wherever Maddon needs him.

He’s hitting .267 with 23 homers, 86 RBIs and an .847 OPS.