Your favorite Walter Payton stories

SHARE Your favorite Walter Payton stories

Chicago Sun-Times asked for your favorite memories and stories of Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton.

And you delivered.

Take a look at some of the better anecdotes that were shared on social media below.

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Adam Mather: My dad had season tickets. When we went to games we were always there for the pregame warm ups. We would just walk down on the field. And watch it up close. Dad always reminded me that if any body ever said something to us about being on the field just walk away like you didn’t hear them. A friend gave him a official bears coat. So we fit right in. One Sunday while standing by the tunnel watching the bears run back into the locker room. I had couple of pics I was trying to get signed. Walter Payton just all of a sudden stopped asked me what I had. I showed him and he signed his pic. I said thank you he said your welcome. And off he went. R.i.p Walter payton

Charles Ardale: The Fog Bowl. Out of the clouds came Sweetness carrying a football and running for daylight.

Jim Serowka: Playing basketball with him at Charlie Club

Justin Pape: breaking J.B.’s rushing record @ New Orleans in ’84

Andrea Metropulos: My friend worked for him and she knew I was a fan. She invited me to their office one day before we went to lunch and he came out and introduced himself and then invited me to see his office where he then pulled from a stack of his pics and asked who he should sign them to. Nicest man ever. Best football player ever. Saddest day was the day I saw the news report that he passed.

Jeremy Stoddard: I met him and shook his hand eighth-grade track meet state I raced against his son he’s a real nice guy to

Van Valvis: I was working as an Andy Frain red jacket stationed at the end of the tunnel it was 1996 the 10th anniversary reunion and as all the great ones where heading out to the field I spotted sweetness waking behind Matt Suey and asked him if he was still blocking for you all these years he said yep and he always will. Live ya sweetness

Also met him at Studibackers in 87 when I filled the cigarette machine in the club the whole team was there for a union meeting met all of them

Kris Beasley: When i was in grade school in Great Lakes my teacher was Ms. Jackson might i add Noah Jackson was her husband…. Noah Jackson was on the Offensive Line for Walter Payton.. Well she got me invited to their spring training one year when they where in i think Lake Bluff.. I believe thats where they where… Well thats the first time i met Walter Payton… Ms. Jackson and Noah Jackson introduce me to him… He’s been my idol ever since….

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