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Stars head to the Arctic — to make ‘Funny or Die’ series

In what may be a most unusual filming location — especially for comedy bits — Alexander Skarsgard (“True Blood”), and former Chicagoan Jack McBrayer (“30 Rock”) are among those currently off the coast of Greenland making what is being called the first comedy series shot on location in the Arctic Ocean.

The “Funny or Die” group have teamed up with the world-famous environmental group Greenpeace on board Arctic Sunrise, a 160-foot icebreaker. The idea is to add public awareness to the costs of global warming and to build support for Greenpeace’s “Save the Arctic” campaign.

Also on the trip is Andy Bichlbaum from the activist duo the Yes Men.

Greenpeace is posting daily on social media via the ship’s Twitter account, @gp_sunrise.

As Skarsgard put it in a statement, “We’re tring to do a slightly comedic spin on something that is very serious — a comedic take on a life-and-death question.”