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Joining the trend: Reds rookies bought Starbucks before game at Wrigley Field

This isn’t uncommon. When visiting teams play afternoon games at Wrigley Field, the teams often times send their rookies to fetch coffee from the Starbucks off Addison and Sheffield.

This tradition started when the Los Angeles Dodgers rookies bought coffee before a noon game in June.

Then the St. Louis Cardinals rookies made a Starbucks run before a double-header in July. And the Braves rookies did the same in August.

Most recently, before the Cubs-Cincinnati Reds afternoon game on Wednesday, the Reds rookies Ryan LaMarre, Carlos Contreras, Ramon Cabrera, Michael Lorenzen and Adam Duvall went to Starbucks and bought the team coffee.

Reds reliever Ryan Matteus was pleased with the rookies bringing him coffee.

The Reds are hoping the caffeine will give them an extra push to win the series finale against the Cubs.