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Addison Russell slide gets Michelangelo-inspired meme

Cubs infielder Addison Russell made one of the most electrifying plays in Saturday’s game against the rival St. Louis Cardinals.

The Cardinals had scored three runs in the ninth to close to 5-4 and had the tying run at first and winning run at the plate in Stephen Piscotty. After Cubs reliever Pedro Strop got Piscotty to hit the ball toward short, Russell dove to his left to grab the ball and was able to somehow flip to Chicago’s second baseman for the force at second.

The play has since been immortalized in many baseball circles as one of the best plays of the year.

Social media has taken its crack at the play with a cornucopia of comical memes and parodies, but this Michelangelo-esque interpretation of the slide-and-toss takes the cake.

Russell has been a vital part of the Cubs surge to prominence this season, and he’ll look to continue to do so for at least the next few years.