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Selfie sticks to be prohibited from Bulls games in 2015

There are few tech toys as popular as the selfie stick among today’s youth. Not only is it the best tool to take wide-angle selfie shots, but also it is very portable and compact.

Unfortunately for Bulls fans, the United Center will not allow any into the building during the Bulls’ 2015-16 season.

From the UC:

Revised security procedures will be implemented at the start of the Bulls and Blackhawks preseasons. Guests will be required to walk through metal detectors at all gates. This revised procedure will replace wanding at the entrances.

Additionally, selfie sticks will not be allowed in the arena.

This is bad news for fans waiting to get pictures with Benny Bull or an Instagram post with center Joakim Noah.

This move will make people have to rely on the basic functionalities and abilities of their phones’ current capabilities. In a world of instant gratification and constant satisfaction, the selfie stick ban is the Bulls’ way of making people sit down and enjoy a basketball game.

Or maybe it’s just to make sure fewer metal objects are brought into the arena?