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Maddon turns Wrigley Field into petting zoo

The night that Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta notched his 20th win of the season, manager Joe Maddon transformed Wrigley Field from the Friendly Confines to a pet-friendly stadium.

Maddon teamed up with the Columbus Zoo to bring a cornucopia of animals to the park for the families of the players. But it appears the Cubs team had as good of a time as anyone.

The Cubs skipper built a reputation as a manager with a love for animals and some of his new team members encouraged him to bring animals to stadium. Maddon said he brought the animals for the kids — including the youngsters on the team.

From ESPN:

“Travis [Wood] was putting a lot of pressure on me for not having a lot of animals in the clubhouse this year,” said Maddon, who had a snake brought into the clubhouse when he was manager of the Tampa Bay Rays. “You bring them for the kids but the grown-ups are equally impressed.”

Although the sloth and snow leopard were among a favorite with the kids, Maddon had quite the connection with a pink flamingo. In fact, his goal is to have a bar named after the bird.