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Derrick Rose: 'I know I'm great ... I know I can hoop'

Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose spoke to the media Monday, and he took an opportunity to remind everyone of his greatness.

In the interview, Rose was asked about free agency, the team’s new coach and his return to form following his noted leg injuries.

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He was not shy in his confidence regarding his ability.

Although Rose wasn’t what people remembered from his 2012 MVP season, he mustered a season of 17.7 points, 4.9 assists and 3.2 rebounds per contest. The Chicago-native also improved his play in the postseason, but was bounced from the playoffs by LeBron James — again.

As much promise as Rose showed in last year’s campaign, he dropped from once being the leading scorer on the team to being the third option behind bigman Pau Gasol (18.5 ppg) and Jimmy Butler (20 ppg).

Time will tell how great the former MVP will be.