Does Tom Brady ever lose?


This is terrific, Tom!

The guy who has everything, Patriots Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady, now has a little more.

He has NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s pelt hanging over the pommel of his magnificent (of course!) steed.

I don’t know about you, but I am so sick of Deflategate that I think the Patriots should actually start Brady and his backup Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback for their season opener against the Steelers, just in case the NFL decides to hold its breath and say everything the Patriots do is illegal for evermore.

Goodell’s four-game suspension of Brady for his alleged role in deflating footballs was overturned in a Manhattan court Thursday. And, of course, Goodell has said the mighty league will appeal. So maybe this isn’t over yet.

But let’s pray it is.

Share Events on The CubeWhile players continue to get concussed and gamblers continue to frolic and the NFL continues to portray itself as a quasi-military department of state —with patriotism and touchdowns so intertwined, I halfway expect George Washington and the signers of the U.S. Constitution to walk out for the 16 opening-game coin tosses — we are stuck with this little peep show.

I’m certain Brady had something to do with those deflated footballs. I’m also certain he didn’t have his cell phone destroyed simply because he wanted an upgrade.

But I’m just as certain Goodell sees himself not as a commissioner, but an emperor. You make $44 million a year and see if it doesn’t go to your head.

Last I heard, he was being tailored not for another Fifth Avenue blue suit but a purple robe. So it goes in the land of the rich getting richer.

But if Deflategate is truly over, let’s focus and watch the Patriots for their next act of deception.

Can a Bill Belichick-controlled spy drone be far behind? A fleet?

Hacking is so yesterday, but — and I hazard even to suggest it — how about New England-funded El Chapo-style prison tunnels under every AFC East practice facility, with CIA-style listening cubicles dug out?

The horror. The possibility.

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