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Michael Beasley's $25 million sexual assault lawsuit dismissed — report

A sexual assault lawsuit against Michel Beasley in Arizona reportedly has been dismissed. | AP

A $25 million sexual assault and kidnapping civil lawsuit against former Miami Heat forward Michael Beasley has been dismissed, according to a report by TMZ.

The suit said the alleged incident occurred in Arizona in 2013.

From TMZ:

The woman decided to go after Beasley in civil court after a police investigation found no evidence of a sexual assault.

But now, the judge has kicked the suit to the curb — citing Arizona laws which don’t allow a person to sue for “sexual assault” or “kidnapping.” You can prosecute for said allegations, but not sue.

In the judge’s explanation, he explains that the accuser could technically sue for “battery” … but she would need to amend her suit and file it all over again.

Beasley played in 24 games with the Heat last season. He is currently a free agent.

The former Kansas State star was taken by the Heat with the No. 2 pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. The Bulls took guard Derrick Rose with the top pick in that draft.

Rose is facing a lawsuit in Los Angeles for an alleged 2013 sexual assault. The Bulls guard has said he “will be proven innocent.”